Our thematic curriculum includes early childhood education lessons in:

  • Language and early literacy - letter recognition, phonemic awareness, name writing and recognition, rhyming
  • Numbers and early math - recognizing and writing numerals, counting, patterning, and sequencing
  • Science -introductory science concepts such as predicting, experimenting, measuring, and examining
  • Art -exploring different mediums through free art and crafts
  • Music -listening, playing, and moving to music
  • Spanish - introductory Spanish words and phrases.  
  • Social/Emotional development -building friendship skills, school-readiness skills, and emotion management
  • Fine- and gross-motor development - utilizing manipulative and tools, exploring different types of movement and fitness activities.  Gymnastics lessons will be held daily.

Our Schedule

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Our Curriculum

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A Sample Of Our Day

  • Welcome Time
  • Gymnastics
  • Group/Circle Time: Calendar, introduce letters, numbers, and our theme
  • Learning Centers
  • Snack
  • Group Time: Science, Math, Literacy, Art, Story Time 
    • preschool (3 year old) and pre-kindergarten (4 year old) students will engage in different activities during group time
  • Outside Play
  • Closing Group: Review our day, music & movement, show & tell